Thursday, May 26, 2005

rodent wars

The following paragraphs are a result of lack of sleep, great irritation of saidissue, and utter boredom. Please bear with me.

Since my last post, i have been tackling the issue of how to properly take out a mouse. Now, before you guys make some weird assumptions, let me make this clear:

I keep my house as CLEAN as i can. (Ask my roomies how OC i can get over this) Itis unfortunate, however, that we live in a location that has a humidity that transcends everything else, a tropical area which is a welcome area to all types of rodents and cockroaches, and yes, the ever-irritating system drilling of our Water company outside the gate.

My mouse encounters have happened before, with a lot of bad nedings. Out tried and tested flypeper traps have been gnawed at, giving trapped mice access to freedom when they become persisitent in their endeavor. Other mouse devices , like the traps, have been scoffed at, rarely touched. The chalk thing (which supposedly works for both mice and roaches) are merely scratches on the wall.

This all led me to re-examine the elements. The problem, i ultimately found out, was location. STrategic places where these creature usually tread should be the areas on which the flypapers should be situated. So hence, with all the moving i'm doing, i also re-situated my said traps. The results? Easy as pie, mouse in the house.

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